Eröffnung Festival der Regionen: Marta Górnicka Hymn to Love

Datum/Zeit: 30/06/2017, 19:00 - 21:00

Veranstaltungsort: KulturRaum TRENK.S

Event Start Date:
1. Juni 2017
Event End Date:
1. Juni 2017
Event Venue:

HYMN TO LOVE for orchestra, stuffed-animal choir, and others is a show about Europe closing ist ranks. Nation after nation is crying out: “Give us back our country!” It is also a show about how every nation loves to forget. And how human time bombs are so furious they’re blowing their fuses. Thus, history repeats itself. HYMN TO LOVE is the last piece in the Polish director’s European triptych inspired by Mother Courage. The Holocaust and the image of an orchestra playing music in death camps are a starting point for Górnicka to address the rise of present-day European nationalism and the migration crisis. In her libretto to HYMN TO LOVE, Marta Górnicka exposes the obscene language of politics today, quoting statements by fundamentalist fighters and terrorists, alongside speeches made by legitimate politicians. Górnicka mashes up Internet hate-speech with pop lyrics and patriotic songs.